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SOMEONE CRAZY  adventure

Start a family thanks to the incredible gift of self of a surrogate mother in Canada !!


It is the happiness that we have been given to live with the birth of our son a little over three years ago, then again a few weeks ago with the arrival of our daughter :)

This somewhat crazy adventure was made possible thanks to a lot of energy, patience and perseverance.


In this journey full of new hires, we have been accompanied and supported by several couples who have been there before us and who have informed us, given some advice, reassured and encouraged.

This has helped us enormously because this journey is stressful, scary and vertiginous all at the same time.


Our turn to give a helping hand to those who are starting the adventure!


This is the purpose of this site: to inform and help - by giving some keys so that everyone can save time and make informed decisions.

À propos
Notre famille

OUR family

We are Sébastien and Julien , we are both over 40 and we are the happy fathers of Georges , our 3-year-old boy, and Diane , our daughter who joined the family recently. They fill us with joy every day.


Georges was born in Canada, in the middle of an incredible night, thanks to the help of our wonderful surrogate mother.


We have been waiting for this incredible day for a long time!


We met 10 years ago and after enjoying life together, it became clear to us that starting a family was important to us.

We imagined ourselves, in our wildest dreams, with two children: it is the luck we had with the birth of Diane in 2021.


Thanks to Canada, we have been able to realize this dream of having a family, which we all want to live.


If you'd like to know more, we told our story for the Bliss Stories podcast.


Three years after the birth of our son, Bliss TV invited us to discuss our journey

and talk about the arrival of our second child, the steps to get there and what that implies.

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